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Meet Heather Kenzie, co-founder of Nibmor Chocolate:

What does eating and living purely mean to me?  Well, everything!  As a co-founder and creator of NibMor Chocolate (the healthiest chocolate you can buy!, a whole foods chef and health coach ( it is my whole life.  At NibMor we believe that you should earn your chocolate with the NibMor Lifestyle!  That could mean cooking, gardening, running, biking, walking, anything that gets you moving and doing something for yourself, spiritually, mentally, and physically.  Then we can enjoy our treats like NibMor and Purely Elizabeth!  I truly believe that restrictive diets do not work.  Who doesn't love cookies and chocolate?!  However, when we make healthy lifestyle choices through exercise and physical activity, and find substitutes that are natural and wholesome (instead of consuming all the crap being sold as food all over America), we can really have our cake and eat it too.  Live More.  Give More.  NibMor.  Be Well.

Meet Cheryl Heppard, founder of Michigan Health Coach + Front St. PR:

My personal philosophy for living purely is to create a life which honors my spirit and goals. Living the life I've always envisioned is my path to achieving happiness and success. We all have the ability to tune into our intuition which is an innate ability that even children possess. Intuition is like a compass which will always point us in the right direction.

As a health coach, I have to also mention that the ability to live purely starts with eating in a natural way that respects our bodies and the planet. This means eating pure and wholesome foods which were grown the way nature intended. I try to model this philosophy every day to my children. It's also crucial to experience affection, connection, and laughter on a daily basis.

My mother always used to tell me, "be true to yourself". Although we never discussed what exactly that meant to her, I believe that she meant to always follow my heart and to live out my dreams. In doing this, I believe I honor her memory.

I am fortunate to feel that I am living the life that I had always imagined for myself. I have an incredible family, and they support me in achieving my goals, both personally and professionally. We live purely by eating healthy foods together, traveling, exercising, and having fun.

It's important to look for opportunities to pay it forward when life is good. I feel very lucky to be in a position where it's my job to empower other health and wellness practitioners to build their businesses. By sharing my knowledge and resources, they are energized to create a business and life that they desire as well.

Meet Jon Polin, co-founder of Abe's Market:

For me, living purely means being healthy and happy. And it's easy. I don't do things explicitly to live purely; I do things that make me feel good and that I enjoy, which in turn, lead to living purely. I've never thought of it as a formula, but if I had one, it would be this:

Laugh. You know people who find the negative in every situation? I have no interest in them. If you're my friend, it means you enjoy life and make the best of it. It also means we probably spend lots of time laughing together. Now that I'm married for nearly 14 years, I can clearly articulate why my wife is my perfect life partner - she is the funniest person I know.

Eat well. I love fruits, vegetables and whole grains. I hardly read labels because I hardly use packaged food. Fresh = good. And because I eat fresh foods, I don't need to feel guilty when I indulge in the periodic junk food. And I happily enjoy my micro brews. Moderation is a wonderful thing.

Exercise. I only do exercise that's fun. If it were a chore, I wouldn't do it. And if that exercise takes place in a beautiful setting with fresh air, even better. Mountain biking, skiing and hiking are among my favorites. And I always do them with friends so that I'm both exercising and having fun with other people.

Try new things. Something about trying new things is good for mind, body and soul. I travel to new and exciting places. I try new foods. I read a variety of books. I take classes. I can't recall the last time I was bored. I'm always up for an adventure.

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Leslie Baldwin:  I think that eating purely and living purely covers so many different levels. For me personally, I am a vegetarian who eats about a 95% vegan diet (occasionally I give into good cheese). Living purely means being aware of what I put into my body. I don't buy food that I don't know where it comes from and what's in it. I cook the majority of my meals to make sure I'm eating as pure and real food as possible.

Living purely also means taking care of myself. I always feel my best and happiest when I'm exercising or after exercising. Living a pure life means connecting with who you are deep down and the world around you. For me, that happens best with exercise and outdoor activitie - biking, hiking, running, rock climbing, yoga... the list goes on.

Finally I think living purely also means practicing kindness and humility. I live in NYC where it seems that people are always moving at 100 mph. It's the simple reminder to go beyond the craziness and noise and be a polite person to others, look out for those around you, help whenever you can and just make sure you do the right thing.

Meet Catherine Ziegler, Co-founder of Crave Health:

To me, living purely means authentically striving for a healthy body inside and out. I aim to live life doing my best most of the time with a little part left for wiggle room. As a former perfectionist, this hasn’t come easily but is something I aim to live by and encourage my clients to live by everyday. In our house, the pure life includes home cooked meals, hiking with my husband and dog, trying new local foodie restaurants with friends, vinyasa yoga, kettle bell workouts, tennis, vintage Champagne, almond flour chocolate chip cookies and of course, Purely Elizabeth!

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Wendy Rest: As I write this my most amazing cat is ensconced on my lap while the other critters of the Samson household are taking the first of their many daily naps. An essential part of Living Purely, for me, is being able to provide for these creatures and the lovely but only partially domesticated manchild that is my husband. In order to assure these members of my family a safe and happy hearth, I make all my own cleaning products, I seek out and prepare tasty vegan meals to help my carnivorous mister forget the meat he's craving, and I try to glide through my days breathing in positive intentions, even when I'm in a witch of a mood.

Laura Suttell: Eating purely and living purely are my daily goals. I try to choose nourishing foods and treat others the way I'd like to be treated. Sometimes, it's better to be kind than to be right.

Jay Rivera: To me it means that I eat as close to nature as possible. Never any foods that have been altered by science, man or that has been processed or denatured in any way. Purely Elizabeth is very helpful with there great products!

I only eat clean natural and and unprocessed organic foods. I listen to my body when I feel deficient and try to provide it with the proper nutrients it may be missing (this involves learning about health and nutrition of course more an more each day) and I try to share this love and knowledge with those around me so they can also Live life purely.

Meet Whitney Lauritsen, Founder of

I’ve been a vegan and environmentalist for over 5 years, and both passions took a while to develop. Recently, I realized why they were so important to me - they brought me closer to purity. However, I felt that I wasn’t living as purely as I could. According to the New Oxford American Dictionary, one of the definitions of the word pure is “without any extraneous and unnecessary elements”. When I stepped back and took a look at my lifestyle, I saw that there was a lot of nonessential elements - for example, I was eating food that wasn’t nutritious and was wrapped in a lot of packaging. I resolved to ask myself a question whenever I was making a decision: “do you truly need this?”  In many cases, the answer was, “no”...

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Meet Adina Grigore, Founder of Sprout Wellness:

To me, living purely means literally detoxifying your life. Living the pure life is living a DIY life. There are somany things we can do on our own that many of us don't even try anymore.  In my home, small things have turned into big ones- we make our own sauerkraut, pickles, apple cider vinegar, we grow tomatoes on our fire escape, we soak beans and cook them from scratch, we bake bread from time to time, I make all of the skincare we use, and the other day I sewed curtains from an old linen tablecloth!

It's so easy, you just have to pick something you're interested in and start from there. You never know what you'll end up doing. I was able to start my entire company because of my successful experiments in making my own skincare!"

Elizabeth Stein:

To me, living purely means simplifying things. Simplifying my diet, with easy to prepare whole foods. Simplifying my life by getting out into nature. To me, living purely is living life to the fullest.





Megan Kretz: 

To me, living purely means listening to my body. Although I sometimes crave junk food and sugary desserts, I know that I always feel better when I choose wholesome, natural foods. But instead of focusing on the foods I shouldn't eat, I focus on fresh, delicious foods that are good for me (whole grains, natural sweeteners like agave/honey, summer fruit, fresh veggies, etc). I am also an avid runner - there's nothing like a good, long run to put me in a happy mood! I'm currently training for the 2010 NYC Marathon and I couldn't be more excited =)

In addition to eating well and running, I try to get enough sleep and take time to enjoy life. Living purely means loving life with your whole heart and doing what's best for your body!


Nancy Barness:

To me, living purely means living simply and enjoying nature. Babies live the most purely; they only want the necessities of life.




Jason Gerhart:

To me, living purely means eating delicious and nutritious food, which keeps my body fueled for training and competing. But it also means, getting outside and enjoying the beauty of nature- pure and simple.




David Holley:

Eating and living purely just isn't as simple as a healthy diet or an exercise program, it's a lifestyle. I make daily choices to avoid toxic foods, chemicals and unhealthy environments, and keeping a delicate balance between work & play. For me balancing the stresses of work & ironman training is done as with an early morning kayak at our lake house upstate or an open water swim while the steam is still rising off of the lake.

Truly pure living started for me 5 years ago after my first triathlon. Now, when racing Long course triathlon, the demands on your body and mind require them to be at the top of their game.

I simply could not put this amount stress on my body without making sure it's been treated properly. By eating a diet of wholesome, natural, real foods I have the proper nutrients I needs to push through the heavy training loads and recovery quickly. Keeping my mind, body and surrounding environment as clean and healthy as possible has become a daily routine. Every decision is thought through to ensure it's the best for me and my surroundings. It's a wonderful way to live. It makes you hyper-aware of how small we are, but how large of an impact we can have.

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