Elizabeth Stein

Founder + CEO


Grocery cart:

Kale, broccoli, Bobbi's hummus, avocado, olive oil, Vega Whole Food Optimizer (chocolate is my fav flavor), peanut butter, berries, almond milk, chickpeas, brown rice, Rao's tomato sauce, organic wine, garlic

How I stay active:

Running, hiking and yoga.

Interesting fact...

Growing up, my dream job was to run Disney World. I even wrote a letter to Michael Eisner(then CEO) with a business proposal! Unfortunately, I got a letter back saying they could not legally read my letter...too bad.

Favorite weekend activity:

Anything outside...Hiking, biking, playing tennis, golf, and exploring my new hometown of Boulder.

Personal Nutrition philosophy:

I believe in the 90/10 rule. 90% perfect of the time I try to eat a seasonal plant based diet. 10% of the time I allow myself to indulge. I believe that food has such a powerful effect on the body, that once you start eating healthy, you don't even want the processed junk.




Nancy Barness

Sales Outreach


Grocery cart:

Ezekiel bread and cereal, almond milk, salmon, organic chicken, lots of fruits, vegetables and nuts...and of course purely elizabeth:)

First job out of college:

I worked at a daycare center.

Interesting fact...

I always wanted to be a dancer!

Favorite weekend activity:

I love to go on long walks/hikes in the park.

Nutrition philosophy:

I try to eat organic whenever possible. I try not to eat anything white - no white flower, sugar, etc. I think eating healthfully will add years to your life and make you feel better with more energy.



David Dusza

VP of Sales





Grocery cart: Anything that I can grill

How I stay active: Working in my yard, golf and activities with my kids

Interesting fact… Good question: I am 47 and still trying to find one :)

Favorite weekend activity: Golfing

Favorite purely elizabeth product: Tie: Blueberry Hemp & 6 Grain

Personal Nutrition philosophy: Simple Food...Health Body...Happy Dad




Caroline Caligari

Marketing Coordinator



Grocery cart:

Hummus, crackers, blueberries, bananas, kale, quinoa, avocados, lemon (for my water), almonds, lentils, oatmeal + ginger kombucha.

How I stay active:

When it's nice out, I really like to run outside. In the winter, I run at the gym and have been trying to get better about doing weight training! I also like to take yoga classes here and there.

Interesting fact...

I have three sisters, so my lucky dad has 4 girls!

Favorite weekend activity: I love going out to eat, especially for brunch. I also like to walk around and explore new places in the city, go to the movies or listen to live music.

Favorite purely elizabeth product: Cranberry Pecan granola + our chocolate chip cookies

Personal Nutrition philosophy:

I eat fresh fruits and veggies as much as possible and avoid sugar and dairy. I try to eat really healthy during the week and allow myself to indulge a bit on weekends : )



Julie Lengton

Operations Coordinator



Grocery cart:

Vegetables (anything and everything), beans, pasta, goat cheese, quinoa, avocados, yogurt, purely elizabeth cranberry pecan granola, oatmeal, almond milk, bananas, strawberries and walnuts.

How I stay active:

I try to ride my bike as much as I can in the summer. In the winter, I love to go skiing!

Interesting fact...

I studied tropical biology at the University of Costa Rica. It was one of the best decisions I've made so far.

Favorite weekend activity:

I love going to concerts with friends, or just exploring manhattan.

Personal Nutrition philosophy:

I eat a vegetarian diet but will eat fish on occasion. I think it’s important to eat sustainably and I really love eating veggies so I never feel like I am giving anything up!




Erica Dolan

Sales + Marketing Coordinator


Grocery cart:

Mushrooms, spinach, basil, pine nuts, any type of cheese, Mary's onion crackers, Califia toasted coconut almond milk, dried mangos, Talenti of any flavor, and wine!

How I stay active:

Running, yoga, skiing, golfing. I'll try any new activity.

Interesting fact

...I have a Golden Retriever name Miss Louie... oh and I am from St. Louie!

Favorite weekend activity:

a hike, hot yoga class, most recently a round of golf, or anything outside, followed by cooking a farmer's market inspired meal, then enjoying it with some vino out on the porch....of course with friends and family and Miss Lou my golden retriever.

Favorite purely elizabeth product:

Perfect Pancake Mix

Personal Nutrition philosophy:

I eat mostly a vegetarian diet, but love fish and especially sushi. I believe that fueling your body with healthy powerful foods is essential for our bodies to preform at top level. If you treat your body well, it will treat you well back.



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