We believe that good health begins with what you put in your body. When you eat better, you feel better. We also believe that how you live plays a crucial role in your health. To us, living purely means: simplifying things, eating whole foods, exploring nature, living more eco-friendly, enjoying life slowly, celebrating everyday...

A Purely Elizabeth Ambassador is one who shares our philosophy on health and nutrition and embodies a purely elizabeth lifestyle. An ideal candidate is one in the nutrition, medical or fitness industry, an athlete or just a passionate health advocate! Candidates should also have a large social network and be an active social media user. 

Ambassador Mission:

Educate consumers about the benefits of real food.

Guide consumers in making healthy life choices.

What are the benefits?

Ambassadors will receive an Ambassador Starter Pack, filled with purely elizabeth products and gear, along with quarterly product deliveries, sneak previews of new products and discount coupons for clients and friends. Ambassadors will also be promoted through our social media network, website, e-Books and other relevant marketing outlets.

What do I have to do?

Ambassadors will actively promote our brand through social media, client/personal interactions and through his or her relevant networks. Ambassadors also must make a quarterly submission in the form of: a written article, health tip, recipe, fitness routine etc. to be posted on our blog for our readers. Ambassadors may also be asked to contribute to our e-Books or other marketing materials.  

How do I apply?

If you are interested in applying, please fill out our online Purely Elizabeth Ambassador Application. If you have any questions please email caroline@purelyelizabeth.com.

Application: http://purelyelizabeth.wufoo.com/forms/purely-elizabeth-ambassador-application/



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